Joy emerges in the spaces rather than the content of our lives. Joy is what happens when even for a moment, we feel totally free, with a
sense of space around us and inside us.”

“Put the J for Joy back into the J for Job”


The curriculum is challenging, fun and managable. If you are serious about changing your work experience take a courageous step and sign up for this innovative and effective program. Students learn through group process, 1:1 coaching , writing, reflection and guided practices. WorkJoy is offered on-site for organizations or provided off-site for individual participation in a group setting.

If you are a decision maker or HR specialist looking for a new resource for your organization, WorkJoy can support your teams, leaders, managers and assistants on-site. We can modify the program design to best meet the needs of the organization.

WorkJoy off-site programs are offered to participants across organizations.

Program Structure

  • A single day live in-person program 8 AM - 5 PM (light breakfast and lunch provided)

  • Class size of 25/30 individuals per class

    • Experiential, didactic and group process of direct experience

  • WorkJoy Workbook and resource guide provided

  • Weekly emails with practices and encouragement throughout the 90 days

  • 1:1 video conferencing or phone coaching session

    • support for personalized action plan

  • Group closure meeting through video conference

Our collective experience and training informs the WorkJoy curriculum

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher training and silent retreats

  • Coaching Model of Change supported by International Coaching Federation

  • Integration group therapy model for harm reduction

  • Extensive practice experience with diverse groups in a variety of mental health settings

  • CEO Leadership development training and education

  • Non-profit organization development of Access Mindfulness Inc

  • Imago Therapy communication and conflict resolution

  • Somatic Integration theory and trauma informed practice

  • Current clinical research in psychological theory, neuroscience and mindfulness

WorkJoy Community

WorkJoy enables individuals to develop a more balanced work experience through daily mindfulness practice. Research has shown that real change takes time. To address the issue we offer 90 days of support following an all day on-site intensive. Sustainable development is supported by building a strong community within an organization or off site with a more varied population. WorkJoy facilitators use the latest technology and research for programing to help keep the community connected through the entire process.

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