Is individual coaching for you?

I help Individuals who keep trying, day, after day, after day but can’t seem to achieve what is important to them. Have you been trying to change but you can't seem to gain any traction, or you make changes but they don’t last? The struggle can cause a lot of pain and suffering. Do you have the desire to change but lack the tools and skills to make it happen?


How it works

  • Real change takes time. Programs run 6-12 months meeting bi-monthly. (how long did it take to become this way?)

  • EBC builds awareness through the use of mindfulness and metaphors. (you have to be able to see yourself with clarity before you can change).

  • You meet in person at 370 Lexington ave, NYC or on zoom/skype in a safe, confidential setting.

  • In depth intake session 60-90 minutes to better define your topic.

  • Every session includes identifying and setting tangible objectives backed by evidence from ongoing assessment.

  • You leave each session with customized practices for your individual topic and circumstances (Yes, there is homework!)

What will you get

  • A clear plan and direction for how you will get to what deeply matters.

  • New competencies important to achieving the topic.

  • A broader awareness of how you approach your life and the impact this has on the outcome. (What works; what doesn’t).

  • A new language to relate to your actions and behaviors.

  • Success of setting and achieving specific goals.

  • New awareness to grow and continue developing these new embodied changes.

How can you get started 

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